Saturday, May 26, 2007 `

Incredible Voice

Just saw dis MV...whoever dis is can imitate 14 diff singers voices...including Stephanie Sun,A-Mei,Valen Hsu,Tsai Chin...evem Amdy Lau but IMO the male part does not realli sound the same.but stil powerful...


Friday, April 13, 2007 `

My Birthday!!!

(5.311am)Yay!! Finally my B-day!!Just came back home not very long..then went a few places.went from Clinic to Dbl O but the queue too long so went 2 Chillz 2 chill out...drank abit...then came home...wow after sending my frends home my cabfare was 41.20.WTF?So DAMN expensive.Wa Lau but still had a good time.my darlin n her cousin n her friend came dwn 2 go with mi.met a few of my frenz there..happy B-Day 2 myself!!!!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007 `

New Tattoo

(7.20pm)Just came home from Nee Soon.Went with my darlin go put tattoo..

Front View

Side View

And this 1 i put together with my darling :

feels pain but like they say no pain no gain



(12.11am)Just got home from bugis..went with my darlin n a fren of mine 2 look at tattoos...cos my birthday was coming so decide to get 1 again.end up discuss whole day nvr put.cos the shop boss wants 2 close early.WTF??Got business he dont want.so my fren left and i went shopping at Parco Bugis wif my ger.Saw a Nice shirt but dont have my size (haix...)After dat went 2 kinokuniya and bought a book i waited long 4.then went back.1st time my ger send mi go tk mrt cos she tk bus home.wanted send her back in cab but she dont want.really worry 4 her.
Venom & Carnage Rock!!!

1st time in my life i did something good.some guy came n asked me 2 buy a pen to help those that came out of prison. normally i would just heck care dem but i today sumting wrong go help.Maybe the goodness in me finally coming out (as if...)


Sunday, April 8, 2007 `

(6.42am) Wahey guess what?it's goin to 2 inthe morning n i am stil sitting at my keyboard typing n smoking my life away...cant get 2 sleep anyway...most probably i'll slp in the early morning n wakeup somewhere in the evening..just nice to go back camp.NO!!hate going back but no choice what to do?my buddy finally coming back from his course.after failing it 8 times.(loser)haha..but i guess no choice...now DLing vids from Veoh.maybe i abit slow in catching up but i only got to know about this site about half a yr back.quite alot of videos n obscure shows on it..hopefully i can get 2 slp soon..haix jus had a small fight wif my ger.dunno wad is it she does not understand...anyway,girls in themselves r 1 of the world's biggest mysteries so i dont think i will be able to solve her..ask her out on my B-day eve go clubbing,she must ask her sistaz go...does she not know that i just want spend some quality time with her?jus using clubbing as an excuse to meet her..actually as long wif her do what oso i don't really care..maybe i am abit unreasonable but can't a guy have abit of leeway near his Bday?

*~Baby, all i want is to spend time with u,2 be able 2 hold u in my arms n know u r mine.we have lost each other quite a few times n all i want is 2 cherish the times we have 2gether.i dun wanna fight no more(sound familiar?)i dont care if you read this or not.just want someplace i can say how i feel


Saturday, April 7, 2007 `

Such A Boring Day

(3.02pm)What a Boring day.nothing to do so came and set up this blog.4got my previous Blog name so lazy go find so set up new one lo.

(10.08)Whew finally finished my blog n everything.Really dunno how do all this stuff.Anyway 53 more days n i dont owe the Government anymore (ORD LOH!!!)Maybe will work in my friend's company but not really sure.Feel like studying again..Wanna improve my designing n drawing..can see a few of my pix i did here. Anyway now setting up my playlist..(Aargh!!!)Blardy Hell Bleach ep 121 not out yet...Wa Lau...nothing to watch..sian..Anyway 4 those who dont really know me, I am a standard OTAKU guy.Likes anime n Tokusatsu. Yeah yeah does not really suit me at my age but WHO CARES!!!As Long as i like it then it is enough.


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